Jiangsu hotel auditorium screen display

 Product Category: Indoor LED Display

Pixel Pitch: P10-10mm

Display Size: 40

Location: Jiangsu,China


product description:


1, the world's leading low-light high-ash technology, 5000:1 contrast, low power consumption;

2, 2880Hz refresh rate, high dynamic picture display is true and natural, no smear;

3, wide color gamut, uniform color, no rainbow effect, delicate and soft picture;

4, die-cast aluminum design, CNC finishing, seamless borderless, unlimited stitching;

5, metal heat dissipation, ultra-quiet fanless design;

6, intelligent module, high precision adjustment

7. Optional power and signal dual backup function.


1, wide viewing angle, high contrast, high brightness (adjustable), high gray level, high refresh, soft image, vivid image display;
2, no noise, low power consumption, low EMI, high life;
3, 12-14bit broadcast level gray processing, high refresh rate;
4, point-by-point brightness, chromaticity correction, to maintain the image's low gray level of detail and color reproduction;
5. The module is fixed by strong magnetic force and can be maintained without any tools.
6, no fan design, keep silent;
7. The cabinet is light and thin, occupying small space, and easy to transport and load and unload;
8. Connect professional video splicing processing system to support multiple signal high-fidelity synchronous processor display;
9. The cabinets are connected by special buckle structure, which is convenient and quick to install and disassemble.


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