How to play LED flexible screen?

Author: From: Time: 2019-09-24

The successful mass production of flexible screens is not only beneficial to the manufacture of a new generation of high-end smartphones, but also has a profound impact on the application of wearable devices due to its low power consumption and flexible characteristics. In the future, flexible screens will follow personal intelligence. The terminal is continuously infiltrated and widely used.

What we want to know today is the LED flexible screen. The industry is called soft module flexible LED display. With the development of the economy, more and more exhibition halls, planning halls, bar dealers, super concerts and other places, the conventional LED display The screen has been unable to meet the designer's inspiration, the needs of the brand and the media company.

LED soft modules can meet a variety of shapes, such as cylindrical, inner curved, ribbon, spiral and so on. Xin Cai Chen soft module can achieve high and low adjustment, no degumming, warp angle, better guarantee flatness and curvature.