LED display processor based LED display solution

Author: From: Time: 2019-11-08

LED high-definition video processor LVP603S uses the latest generation of broadcast-quality video processing technology, with perfect video processing effects, instant seamless and fade-in function to meet the requirements of high-end display applications for signal switching effects, picture-in-picture, painting, HD subtitle overlay and multi-machine cascading capabilities are available for more complex LED large-screen display systems. This article will showcase solutions based on these features.

4 LVP603S drives a LED display with a resolution of 3584 x 1792 in parallel

Multiple formats of video or computer image input signals are processed by the LVP603S, and the output DVI signals are output and amplified to four LVP603S or LVP603 for capture and zoom, and finally a complete picture is displayed on a 3584 x 1792 display.

The entire LED display can:

1. Display a full picture

2. Display 4 different screens separately

3. Roaming picture-in-picture function can be realized by the first LVP603S

4. 4 LCP603S can realize the superposition of 4 picture-in-picture windows on the complete picture of the stitching.