LED display fire causes and how to prevent fire hazards

Author: From: Time: 2019-10-11

With the popularity of LED display screens in indoor and outdoor display, there are more and more fires caused by LED display quality problems and design defects, which poses great danger to the safety of personnel and the economy of customers. As the frequency of accidents increased, people began to conduct more in-depth analysis.LED display screens have fire hazards, mainly due to some shortcomings in several major raw materials.
First, the wire. In most display applications, the larger the display per unit area of ​​the display, the greater the amount of power used, and the higher the stability of the wire. Among the many wire products, the use of wire that meets the requirements of the national standard can ensure its safety and stability.
Second, the power supply. UL-certified power products are also the best choice when choosing the same type of products. The effective conversion rate ensures the safety and stability of the power supply load, and it can work normally even under the hot external environment. Third, protective materials. The aluminum-plastic panel of the general outdoor display product is aging faster with high temperature and rain and cold heat, so that the rain can easily penetrate into the screen body during a relatively humid climate season, causing a short circuit of the electronic component to cause a fire. In terms of the material of the outer protective structure of the display screen, most of the display products with high fire-proof grades on the market adopt fire-resistant aluminum-plastic composite panels, which have excellent fire resistance and strong fire-retardant properties. Fourth, the plastic kit. The plastic kit is mainly used for the bottom cover of the unit module mask. The main raw material is PC fiberglass material with flame retardant function. It not only has flame retardant function, but also can not be deformed under high and low temperature and long-term use. It will become brittle and cracked. At the same time, it can be combined with the glue with good sealing performance, which can effectively block the rainwater from the external environment from penetrating into the interior and causing a short circuit to cause fire.
In addition to the internal raw materials that affect fire protection, external design such as heat dissipation is also very important. The LED outdoor display works at high temperature, and the power consumption is a big test. If it is a large-area display, it will increase the difficulty of heat dissipation. In the past, large outdoor screens were supplemented with electric fans, and later developed into internal self-contained air-conditioning facilities. In addition, we cannot ignore the factors that are believed to be caused by the post-maintenance project. In short, the fire protection of LED displays needs to be handled with care.