led soft screen, soft module

Author: From: Time: 2020-01-10

led soft screen, soft module

The LED soft module is the same as the conventional LED electronic screen in the display principle. The difference is that a flexible PCB and a bottom case mask are used, which makes the module particularly flexible and can achieve 120-degree folding.


So where are the LED soft modules applied?

1 curved screen:

If it is an arc-shaped LED display and the arc is not very large, it is better to do it. As long as the steel structure of the display is made, the arc can be installed with a conventional indoor display module. However, if the inner radian is relatively large or the outer radian is large, then conventional display module cannot be made, and the LED soft module is very good.

2 Cylindrical screen:

In some hotels, conference rooms, bars, etc., many of the pillars are cylindrical. The designer will lower these pillars into display screens, and play some special videos to enhance the decoration level or create a special atmosphere. Conventional screens are complicated to make, and LED soft modules are handy.

3 Special shapes such as waves, ribbons,

The positions of some special shapes of waves and ribbons are also often used by designers. How to realize it also requires LED display manufacturers to do it. On the long road of exploration, the led soft module successfully solved this problem.

There are many applications for led soft modules. The main application is that the modules are relatively flexible, foldable and bendable. As long as your ideas can be achieved with this feature, they can be used. Ju Cai Yuan Optoelectronics provides you with a comprehensive display system solution.