Scool LED analysis of the characteristics of the stage LED display

Author: From: Time: 2018-12-13

Nowadays, the programs on the large stage are endless, and of course the stage LED display is often used,The stage LED display is often used in TV shows and in live performances. For example, some live broadcasts, playing advertisements and scene sets, can be played through the stage screen, and the realistic picture and The perfect combination of music lights gives a very modern and powerful picture.Scool LED believes that in order to meet the different requirements of the dance program, the stage dance beauty LED display and the traditional fixed device LED display are very different in structure and system composition, we can consider from the following points:

1. A plurality of LED rental boxes are spliced into a large screen display area, and now the LED rental box size of Lililai has 500mm×500mm and 1000mm×500mm, 500mm×1500mm boxes.


2. In order to facilitate the disassembly of the equipment, the LED cabinet needs to be light and compact; the display screen of the LED display screen is more and more clear, and the distance between the pixels is getting smaller and smaller, so as to better ensure the appearance quality and the splicing precision, the rental box Demanding ruggedness, die-cast aluminum housings are now the most common on the market.


3. In order to improve the splicing precision and disassembly power of the LED display rental box, the box should be equipped with a quick locking device. If it can be better, it can also be provided with a special positioning mechanism between the LED cabinets.


4, in order to ensure that there may be bumps on the box in the process of frequent disassembly, LED display manufacturers generally in front of the LED lighting unit a layer called the protective part of the mask.


5. In order to cope with the high security requirements such as live TV broadcast, the content source signal and control signal transmission system should have dual redundant backup. Also to ensure the high security demand, the LED also plans the front protection structure, which is convenient and fast. Replace the repair. In order to better facilitate the vast users.