How to apply indoor LED display in hotel

Author: From: Time: 2018-12-13

Today's LED display products are more inclined to the stadium, transportation, car, stage, advertising broadcast, etc.. We all know that the hotel is also a common place to hold events, such as the more common wedding, the new release Meetings, company annual meetings, birthday parties, etc., will be selected at the hotel for many times. At this moment, the indoor LED display has become an indispensable display device, so how do we install the device LED display in the hotel? The LEDs believe that there are the following points:

1, separate
If the set of the stage is all, the general setting in the middle is open and close, so the LED display should be placed at the two sides. It is convenient to watch the audience at both ends. Many hotels now choose such a screen in order to take care of the two audiences.
2, embedded
The textual explanation is a large LED screen in the middle of the stage. The two ends can be decorated with KT boards or cloth pull yarns. The LED screens do not occupy a lot of them, and more are for people to see the picture. This is also the hotel's common LED display placement method for small hotels. It can make people see the clarity of the LED display quality before ordering the hotel.
3, combination
The large main screen of the LED is generally placed in the center, and the screens on both sides are used as an aid to form a flashing stage with a full design. You can enjoy it when you broadcast the video. Other LED screens have the function of integrating the atmosphere. This placement is mainly used for weddings and large company annual meetings.
4, large size
The huge LED display screens the latest product selling points, and the people on the stage who are talking about their own products are talking. This scene trusts many people are not unfamiliar. This type of LED display placement method is more used in the conference. The setting of the entire stage is infinitely eye-catching, and all the company's logos, images, videos, texts and pictures can be displayed 360° without a large LED screen.