How does Fengxian rental screen manufacturers improve their market share?

Author: From: Time: 2018-12-14

With the increasing skill of LED technology and shopping malls, the application field of led display is becoming more and more extensive. However, more and more enterprises are constantly coming in, which will inevitably lead to serious homogenization of products and increased competition pressure among peers. If you choose a new way of renting, it may affect more demand for shopping malls, which will help diversify LED rental screen manufacturers in the future.

However, in order to complete the rental method, the demand for LED rental screen manufacturers will be improved in the following points.
First, the skills advancement. With the decline in LED costs and the rising demand for rental malls, the future rental screen will be moved towards a smaller pixel distance, and the screen will become easier, more versatile, sensitive, beautiful, and easy to disassemble. For high-end rental shopping malls, LED rental screen manufacturers will improve on intelligent operation, humanized planning and quality service.
Second, product standardization. The rental screen needs to be transferred, disassembled, and it is necessary to be satisfied with the features of simple screen, fast transportation, simple installation and disassembly. Therefore, LED rental screen manufacturers need to complete standardized standardization in terms of external dimensions, device hole positions, etc., and select modular combination. Power supply, cabinet and module are independent modules to meet the requirements of fast devices.
Third, the market segmentation. In order to get used to the requirements of the rental method, LED rental screen manufacturers need to segment the mall according to different consumer groups, and then satisfy more users' needs and obtain greater profits.
Fourth, the protection is simplified. Now there is a problem with the LED rental screen. The LED rental screen manufacturers are required to send people to repair or return to the factory, which increases the cost of protection and costs. With the choice of standardized production and modular combination, non-professionals can also carry out simple protection and overhaul.
Some of the professions we know, in fact, renting has long been popular, and it has been very successful. Leasing is a novel and promising way to follow the traditional custom-made production malls, and the new rental method will help to improve the competitiveness of the company.