Exhibition LED display solutions

Author: From: Time: 2018-12-28


Architectural lighting - different styles and memorable


The use of lighting technology not only perfectly presents the appearance of the building, but also sets different scenes for the building. The lighting scheme that combines the flat lighting component with the special effect lighting component can take advantage of the relationship between light and shadow to present the characteristic structure of the building in a contrast-rich manner. The use of a variety of media, such as projected light and color structures in the form of video, pictures, moving text, and animation, allows for a wide variety of designs on the exterior walls of buildings.




Light components with high luminous intensity and suitable light distribution characteristics to ensure that they are protected from inclement weather can emphasize architectural features.




Art Museum and Art Gallery Lighting - Protection and Lighting


Lighting schemes in art museums and galleries must ensure that works of art are not exposed to ultraviolet light. LED technology-based lighting solutions meet this requirement, and offer unlimited possibilities in terms of hue and light intensity with excellent color rendering, ensuring that art treasures are presented with just the right amount of light. In addition, LED solutions ensure high color stability throughout the life of the product. Art museums and art galleries usually use daylighting, and artificial light usually complements sunlight.



With energy-efficient LED display

technology, lighting concepts for specific spaces or artwork can be implemented in a variety of ways, such as ceiling lighting and recessed ceiling lighting to orbital spotlight systems.




Science Museum Lighting - Reputable and inspiring the future

Light technology can be used to present the rich and varied display of the Museum of Science and Technology in the best possible way. For lighting scenarios for specific spaces and objects, solid models and exhibits, efficient LED solutions can be developed and utilized in the best possible way.