Smarter city, more sustainable outdoor advertising

Author: From: Time: 2019-07-24

 With the continuous advancement of the times, information is now more than just a technology. It is also a resource that affects our lives at all times. It also improves our city and makes the city smarter to balance human life and the natural environment. The relationship between this makes this sustainable avenue more open. Outdoor advertising is on a flat road with extraordinary opportunities.


Optimized traffic remodeled outdoor advertising

Traffic is an important link connecting the city. It makes people in the city and the things in the city flow and associate to form an intricate network.

The seamless connection of travel, the smooth and convenient transportation, behind the great wisdom of the big city. Traffic time-sharing optimization technology, real-time adjustment of changes in demand of various traffic nodes, traffic intervention interventions for emergency events, etc. are all planned around the overall needs of “integrated, intelligent, green, and safe”. Each country has its own system, but the methods are different, but it is through the connection of people, roads, vehicles, collecting real-time information, the system to understand, and finally get the best solution.

To give a not-so-good example, such as Chinese-style crossing the road, is a kind of ridicule of netizens for the behavior of red light, that is, "get away with one person and you can go, not related to traffic lights", but intelligent traffic has changed this kind of adjustment. Become the best solution. Collecting the data of this person through the intelligent network, the number of people is systematically understood, that is, factors such as adults, old people, and children. Make sure you have enough time to judge the crossing time, accurately light up the green light for them and guide the flow of people, reduce the traffic pressure caused by crowds or traffic flow, so that you can walk away with a sneak peek, and have nothing to do with the traffic lights. . Here, digital outdoor advertising may cut into the vision of a specific group of people in a timely manner, to ease the anxiety of people waiting for the mood, and then display the advertising content according to the flow of people after the green light, strengthen people's brand Cognition and memory.

The time-sharing and node changes of smart traffic, * the urban traffic wisdom network that is optimized by time and space. Outdoor advertising, as a medium for selling time and space, re-schedules time and space due to smart traffic, and needs to redistribute these resources to accommodate the optimized travel traffic. In this process, new scenarios, new growth points, and new media value-added will be discovered under the new behavior of the crowd. At the same time, in the process of matching the intelligent transportation system, the outdoor media will certainly bear the relevant social responsibilities. Long-term, positive social contribution, smart transportation allows the space and space-oriented outdoor media to better cut into the life and trajectory of the masses, and contribute to the consolidation of the good social image of the outdoor media, thus creating a corporate society for advertisers. Responsibility lays a solid foundation.