Outdoor LED billboard life and inspection items

Author: From: Time: 2019-08-15

First, the use of outdoor LED billboardsraw materials, a large number of manufacturers in the rough production, but due to fierce market competition, many manufacturers in order to retain customers, when buying aluminum profiles may use cutting corners, reduce production costs, in order to reduce market prices. However, the billboards produced in this way often have unqualified quality of the abrasives, and the wall thickness of the aluminum profiles is thinner than normal, which seriously affects the wind resistance and the performance.

Second. When the outer LED frame of the outdoor LED billboard fails to meet the standard, the concentration of the solution is not configured according to the specified requirements, and the concentration test cannot be timely and accurate, thus forming the phenomenon that the oxide film does not reach the standard thickness. 

Third, the calculation method has no regularity. Because the manufacturer and the middleman or the consumer or the user take a different calculation method, the former adopts the weight calculation, and the latter basically adopts the area calculation method, so the article on the three-sided turning wall thickness Not a minority.