Why is the price of LCD splicing screen higher than that of LCD TV set?

Author: From: Time: 2019-08-22

There are all kinds of liquid crystal TV sets on the market, there are all kinds of splicing lcd video wall , on the general LCD Mosaic screen price will be higher than LCD TV, a lot of people may produce such questions, why are liquid crystal products, the price on the gap? So let's talk about where the money spent on LCD splicing goes.

[display screen] in terms of screen parameters, the LCD splicing screen is higher than the LCD TV, so the clarity of the LCD splicing screen is higher, the color restoration degree is higher, the screen is natural and smooth, the refresh rate is high, and the image can be processed at high speed.

[display technology] LCD TV adopts a plug-in controller, and the signal input quantity will be displayed. LCD splicing screen adopts high-speed image processing technology, which can realize high-speed and multi-channel signal unified processing, and is the most stable LCD display technology at present.

[service life] LCD TV is used for ordinary families, while LCD splicing display equipment is used for rigorous industrial engineering, so it can work for a long time without interruption, and the picture still remains bright after a long time of work.

Now we understand why LCD Mosaic display screen than LCD TV spend more money, although in the unit price of LCD Mosaic display screen than LCD TV to some higher, but in the cost performance, LCD Mosaic display screen or has a very large advantage