Indoor small pitch LED screen features

Author: From: Time: 2019-09-09

1. Seamless stitching: completely seamless stitching with no visual black seam.

2. Image correction: gamma correction technology can realize point-by-point brightness color correction.

3, intelligent light control: intelligent adjustment of brightness, improve the comfort of the picture, more energy saving.

4, super wide viewing Angle: super wide viewing Angle, display screen, larger viewing range, any Angle to see the picture is still clear.

5, ultra-high refresh: ultra-high refresh speed, screen, better coherence, more smooth.

6, grayscale: low brightness under the grayscale is still, the excellent picture exquisite realistic.

7. Ultra-high definition: the unique image quality enhancement technology can effectively improve the image clarity, and the high-speed picture is still smooth and drag-free.

8. 3D: integrated 3D, touch screen and motion-sensing games to improve entertainment and interaction.
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