LED poster screen LED mirror screen

Author: From: Time: 2020-01-03

LED poster screen LED mirror screen

With the development of advertising media, the commercial economy is becoming more and more prosperous, advertising machines are springing up in people's field of vision, and the scope of use of LED advertising mirror screens is becoming more and more widespread, such as shopping malls, catering industry, product launches, Wedding, hotels, airports, luxury stores, chain stores, reception halls, mobile screens, real-time recording, catering industry, reception halls will often use Maipu Guangliang LED mirror screens.



LED poster screen LED mirror advertising screen advantage

1. Light and thin screen, front maintenance, the design strives to present a high-end atmosphere, fashionable and novel, the installation method is flexible, and it can meet the installation needs of various application scenarios.

2. The system adopts zero-setting design, simple and convenient operation, plug-and-play of advertising, and intelligent remote monitoring and management through the SHOU machine APP, so that everything is under control. Maipu Guangcai LED "mirror screen" can be spliced arbitrarily, so compared to traditional LCD and DLP, it has a larger area, wider viewing angle, and therefore more eye-catching and stronger visual impact.

3. In the static state, the requirements for color and sharpness are more obvious than in dynamic video. The viewer watches more carefully in the static state, and has a superb place in handling the ink color and moire at a close distance.

4. Stability, can make the static picture control jump in a few seconds, and it will not appear fast and slow. There is also stability in terms of control management systems, information release, and more.