LED display control system

Author: From: Time: 2020-01-08

LED display control system

Array control system, LED full-color display control system

The "array" control system consists of a main control board, several auxiliary control boards, and several scanning boards installed in the display box. It is equivalent to using a control system in each box to control. The structure fully improves the reliability and display effect of the display, and the effect is even more obvious. It is a good solution to the high-end LED display's low frame changing frequency, insufficient gray level, and poor color uniformity. problem. According to the expert committee organized by the Science and Technology Bureau, the technology has reached the level of domestic leading and international similar products.

The birth of this generation of control system has further enhanced the technical advantages of Yuanheng Optoelectronics in the field of screen control, and has further improved the display signal processing technology.

After adopting the "array" control system, first, the frame changing frequency of the display screen can be increased from about 60Hz to more than 120Hz, which is far greater than the human eye's resolving ability, so that people can watch without any flicker and water ripple phenomenon Appears, improving the quality of the display.

Secondly, the gray levels of the three primary colors of the display red, green and blue can be increased from 256 to 1024, making the colors more vivid, the color reproducibility better, and the displayed images more realistic.


Finally, the LDVS signal is used for transmission to minimize the loss of the signal, synchronize the display content of the entire display, improve the consistency of the display, and the entire display does not have any color difference and color blocks.


Asynchronous control

LED display asynchronous control system is also called LED display offline control system or offline card. Mainly used to display a variety of text, symbols and graphics or animation. The screen display information is edited by a computer. It is pre-installed into the frame memory of the LED display via the RS232 / 485 serial port, and then displays and plays back and forth on a screen-by-screen basis. Its main features are: simple operation, low price, and wide range of use. The LED display simple asynchronous control system can only display digital clock, text and special characters. In addition to the functions of the simple control system, the LED display graphic asynchronous control system has the biggest feature that it can control the display screen content by area. Support analog clock display, countdown, picture, table and animation display. With timing switch, temperature control, humidity control and other functions.

Synchronization control
LED display synchronous control system is mainly used to display real-time video, graphics, and other notifications. Mainly used for indoor or outdoor full-color large-screen display. LED display LED display control system for controlling the synchronization work is substantially identical to the computer monitor, it is an update rate of at least 60 frames / sec in real time the corresponding bit-mapped image on the computer monitor, typically having a multi-gradation color display ability, can achieve the effect of multimedia advertising. Its main features are: real-time, rich and expressive, the operation is more complicated and expensive. A LED display system in general by transmitting synchronization control card, receiving cards, graphics cards and DVI.