Hotel LED display

Author: From: Time: 2018-12-28

With the advancement of social science and technology and the improvement of people's requirements for viewing, the traditional stage background effect with a single form of expression can no longer meet the needs of the audience; and the colorful display, multi-faceted LED display completely caters to people today. The requirements of the stage beauty. LED display is the perfect combination of technology and media. It can show the concept of fantasy, technology, fashion and fashion, and become a new force of beauty. The current hotel banquet halls and multi-purpose halls, KTV, bars and other entertainment venues have installed indoor HD display

Program features:
1. It can maintain P3, P4, P5 LED display before using LED, the maintenance space requirement is low, and the thickness is controlled at 14CM;
2. Diversify your design and add a dynamic and fun element to your hotel or bar;
3. Multi-signal synchronization processing, supporting background construction such as live broadcast, slow motion playback, and lens close-up;
4. No noise, low power consumption, high life;
5.LED solutions for hotel applications, not only have excellent visual effects, but also light, thin, easy to install and easy to maintain.
6. High stability and high reliability to ensure smooth meetings and performances