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55’’ Full-HD Video Wall Display Unit
  • 55’’ Full-HD Video Wall Display Unit
  • Classification:
    LCD splicing screen
  • Model:
  • Pixel Composition:
  • Environment:
  • Brightness:
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55’’ Full-HD Video Wall Display Unit (Ultra Narrow Bezel 3.5mm)

>Industrial level DID LCD panel, suitable for extensive 7*24 continuous works.
>Ultra-narrow side LCD patchwork
>High contrast and high brightness greatly enhance the video layering, and present the details of the video.
>High fidelity digital processing, brilliant and vivid video.
>Built-in 3D COMB filter and 3D Noise Reduction
>Abundant interfaces HDMI, DVI, VGA, BNC, support video loop
>Built-in picture splicing function
>Infrared, RS232 double mode, supporting remote PC control Fan smart detection, OSD prompt.
>Brightness smart detection, power-saving
>Using Tamper-proof metal housing, no radiation
>Professional thermal design to extend equipment lifespan
>Built-in power, low energy consumption, ultra-quiet
>Fast stack installation, professional project design, supporting arc-shaped mounting
>Widely used in MCC(monitor command center), Dispatching Platform, Safe City


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