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stage background led display big screen
  • stage background led display big screen
  • Classification:
    Stage LED display
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stage background led display big screen

Product Hightlight

1. Ultra-high resolution and wide viewing angel.
2. Fixing and rental use creates more applications.
3. High refresh rate, best scan method for energy saving, perfect grey level.
4. Wireless: seamless installation simplifies the complex inner structure, improving its safety and stability.
5. Thin: it is featured by high strength, toughness, precision and it is hard to be deformed. 
6. Easy: the die-casting aluminum cabinet is modular designed, each cabinet of the screen can be easily dismantled and assembled(replaced).
7. Low: low noise, light weight, low cost for transportation and assembling without tools with low cost for assembling.
8. Economical: Design of low power consumption, no need cooling fan, meet the demand of quiet work environment.
9. Perfect uniformity and no mosaic.
10. High: high waterproof level, super high brightness, high contrast ratio, high grey scale, high refresh rate,full color, super wide view angle, super soft display, super even surface



Pixel Pitch: P3 (3mm) P4.8  (4.8mm) P6 (6mm)
LED Specification: 1RGB(SMD 2121) 1RGB(SMD 2121) 1RGB(SMD 3528)
Pixel Density: 11,111 dots/sqm 43,402 dots/sqm 27,777 dots/sqm
Module Size: 192×192mm 192×192mm 192×192mm
Module Pixel Density: 64×64 dots 40×40 dots 32×32 dots
Driving Method: 1/32 or 1/16 scan 1/10 scan 1/8 scan
Refresh Rate: ≥3840Hz ≥3840Hz ≥3840Hz
Brightness: 500-1500CD/sqm 600-1500 CD/sqm 800-2200 CD/sqm
Max. Power Consumption: 550 W/sqm 550W/sqm 600 W/sqm

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