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P5 full color LED display
  • P5 full color LED display
  • Classification:
    Hotel LED display
  • Model:
  • Pixel Composition:
  • Environment:
  • Brightness:
    ≥ 1200 nits
  • Application:


product description:

    Ultra-high brightness, the sun is still visible under long distance.

    The display color uniformity is super high and the display screen is more delicate.

    The flatness of the module mounting surface is required to be controlled at ±0.2mm.

    A variety of scanning technologies, and modular design requirements, reliability, and stability;

    The circuit board adopts the wave soldering process and has a green oil oxygen barrier layer to prevent the line from being wet, oxidized and to improve the service life.

    Say goodbye to traditional plug-in lamps, adopt new type of surface-mount package and its package, display clearer color and more stable, can achieve single point maintenance, more efficient and energy-saving.


High value, buy fashion

The high-quality red, green and blue chips are packaged in a surface-mounted lamp bead. The surface-mounted lamp bead is evenly attached to the front of the circuit board at a certain interval and over-welded. The back of the circuit board is affixed with electronic components such as driving and control. The device, and then the plastic kit to fix and protect the finished circuit board, this is the basic unit of the indoor LED display.
Super wide viewing angle brings you a new experience

The surface mount lamp bead has a large viewing angle, and is produced by high-precision equipment and advanced technology. It is uniquely resistant to electromagnetic wave processing, distributed scanning technology and modular design, which makes the reliability and stability higher. The horizontal and vertical viewing angles are wider, the performance is stable, and the playback content is wide.
Gluing and leveling
It adopts the industry's top technology to fill the glue, the glue is smooth, dustproof and moisture proof, and the product consistency is guaranteed.

Thin design

The thickness of the box is only 77mm, and the weight is only 15KG, which is more than 20% less than the traditional box, saving transportation cost and installation cost.
Super mute

Ultra-quiet fan design, high heat dissipation, no noise.


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