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P2.5 small pitch LED display
  • P2.5 small pitch LED display
  • Classification:
    Small Pixel
  • Model:
  • Pixel Composition:
  • Environment:
  • Brightness:
    ≥ 1200 nits
  • Application:
    Show Shopping mall Shop Reception etc


product description:

(1) High resolution

It is able to perfectly express the ultra-high definition image quality and delicate color, which can be compared with the LCD to a large extent.

(2) Long life

 LED uses high-quality luminescent components as the core material of the display and adopts its own patented circuit board design, which fundamentally guarantees the service life of the product.

(3) Wide viewing angle

The 160° wide viewing angle is highly consistent with each tube and has a large viewing angle both horizontally and vertically, which is suitable for environments with wide horizontal distribution and large height drop.

(4) Fine texture

Non-linear correction technology, the image effect is fine and clear; the animation effect is vivid and diverse; the video effect is smooth and realistic.

(5) stable performance

The unique treatment of the strong anti-static of the display, which is also an important technology that the LED display has been stable to other display screens. With modular design technology, reliability and stability are higher.

(6) Seamless stitching

 LED professional custom kit design to control the splicing error between modules within plus or minus 0.1mm, easy to install, can be made into any shape according to user needs.

(7) good flatness

The color of the mask of our custom kit is consistent, so that the contrast of the whole LED display is high; the flatness is good, and the soft touch is not prominent.

(8) Quality selection

It adopts high-quality LED display chip design, with small package, high brightness, large angle, anti-static and so on.

(9) selection of quality

Adopt imported luminescent materials, high-quality IC chip, no-noise high-power power supply; full-screen fanless design, no noise, low power consumption, can be used in the temperature range of 0 °C ~ 55 °C.

(10) No format restrictions

For the format, the display mode can be arbitrarily arranged by the user; the text, the chart, the image, the animation, and the video information can be displayed; and the amount of information displayed is not limited;

(11) Circuit board stability

The circuit board adopts the wave soldering process and has a green oil oxygen barrier layer to prevent moisture and oxidation of the line and improve the service life;

(12) Over three anti-paint

Protect the circuit board and related equipment from the environment; have good resistance to high and low temperature; it forms a transparent protective film after curing, which has superior insulation, moisture, leakage, shock, dust, corrosion and protection. Aging, corona resistance and other properties.

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