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P1.2 small pitch LED display
  • P1.2 small pitch LED display
  • Classification:
    Small Pixel
  • Model:
  • Pixel Composition:
  • Environment:
  • Brightness:
    ≥ 1200 nits
  • Application:
    Show Shopping mall Shop Reception etc



1. Using high-quality components and fine processing technology to effectively reduce the dead light rate.

2. Power supply, signal dual backup system, escort for 7*24 hours of continuous and stable operation, the safest and most reliable. 

3. The gray scale performance of the display is almost perfect under low brightness, and the display layering and vividness are higher than the traditional display. 

4. High pixel density display unit with micro pixel pitch, wireless splicing, capable of supporting 2K, 4K and ultra high resolution display

5.Even if it is reduced to 500-300 cd/m2, high gradation can be guaranteed.

6. The black matte light and the corrugated light-absorbing mask are used to reflect light in a bright environment, and the picture is still clearly visible. 

7. Automatically adapt to the light-sensing device without affecting the display due to the environment

8. The picture is stable, no ripples and no black screen, the video picture is delicate and smooth, and the edges of the dynamic display picture are clear. With good dynamic performance, the image information can be accurately restored to bring the greatest visual enjoyment




Application area:

Education and publicity: interactive systems such as campus areas and training institutions. 

Public places: information display of transportation industries such as airports, railways, subways, highways, libraries, museums, shopping malls, etc 

Commercial presentations: TV studios, large-scale performances, business exhibitions, hotel lobbies, enterprises and institutions.

Government departments: convenience publicity, work guides, government affairs disclosure, etc.

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