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Indoor HD transparent P3.91-7.81 led display
  • Indoor HD transparent P3.91-7.81 led display
  • Classification:
    Indoor LED Display
  • Model:
  • Pixel Composition:
  • Environment:
  • Brightness:
  • Application:
    indoor video


Indoor high refresh transparent P3.91-7.81 led display


1.Cabinet size is 1000x1000mm , but this cabinet size is fixed, can not be changed.
     You just can get size like 3.5x2.5, or 3x2m and so on.     1.jpg

 2.Technical parameters of PH3.91-7.81 transparent full color screen



Technology Index Parameters

1, Single Cabinet

1) Pixel: 3.91-7.81mm

2Density: 32768dot/m2   

3)  LED Composition: 1R1G1B

4)  Color: Pure Red + Pure Green + Pure Blue

5Cabinet size1m*1m or according to the size of the glass curtain wall design


2, Whole Screen

1.Screen area:㎡ 

2.Best Viewing Distance: 5-250m

3.Best Viewing Angle: horizontal:120. Vertical: 120

4.Environment Temperature: Storage:-40℃ +85℃Working:  -40℃ +60℃   Relative humidity10%95%

5.Humidity: 10%95%

6.Screen Depth: t8cm

3, Power

1)Working Voltage: 100-220v

2Average Consumption: 300W/m2

3Max Consumption: 600W/m2


4, Control System

1Control Computer: Lenovo

2Operation System: WIN 98/ 2000/ NT/XP

3Control Way: synchronization

4Display Card: DVI display card

5,MainTechnology Specification

1)  Driver ICSM16218/9866

2Driver Way: Static, 1/8scan

3Refresh Rate: 1920HZ

4) Gray/Color: red/green/blue65536 levels, 16.7M colors

5Brightness: 5000cd/m2

6) Brightness Adjustment way: software adjust 100 levels.

7) Screen Signal: PAL/NTSC

8) Screen input/output way: 8 ways for input/ 8 ways for output

9) control system: PCTV+ DVI Display Card + Fullcolor Control System

10)  Average trouble-free time: ≥10000 hours

11) Lifetime: 10,0000 hours

1) Flatness: every pixels ≤1mm

             Every modules ≤1mm

12) Uniformity: the brightness is uniformity

1Switching power supply: Rongdian

2 Computer display mode800×6001024×7681280×960 etc


LED Studio

7.Protection Technoloty

Humidity Protection, Dust Protection, Rust Protection, Static-Protection, etc.

8.Play content

Text files, WORD files, all picture filesBMPJPGGIFPCX...),All animation filesMPG MPEGMPVMPAAVIVCDSWFRMRARMJASF...)。

9.Assembly structure

The screen adopts a module-display cabinet-display combination assembly structure, which is easy to assemble.


1月29显示屏 042.jpg




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